My First Time Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana had always intrigued me as a tool for spiritual enlightenment, after much research and dedication to understanding the drug I made the leap and smoked my first bowl. The setting I was in was with two friends i had recently made as i had just moved internationally, D and L are their names, we would be “toking up” in a forested park at about 11PM on a friday evening. I would sadly have to hold back a little bit because i would need to bus home later that evening and I did not wish to get into a legal trouble.

As i inhaled with two friends, lets call them D and L, i felt a rush something that i would now attribute to adrenaline but at the time i thought was the Marijuana. The Marijuana smoked was some very potent medicinal marijuana by using personal vaporizers. I’m not sure of the strain but there was visible trichomes and it was a indica dominant hybrid.

T:0.01 My first inhale was a success, D and L laughed at me as i coughed up a cloud of smoke, but the smoke left my mouth rather slowly my eyes began to droop and my vision became unfocused.

T0:05 5 minutes in, i’ve learned so much the internet never could teach me, i learned about the carb on a pipe, and how to inhale deeply as not to cough. More than that though, my first encounter with Marijuana Cannabis has begun, i was high! I continued to smoke more and by T0:10 i had become accustomed to this new state of mind and was able to identify the effects of this plant.

T0:10 We’ve stopped smoking and began to move location because of a suspicious noise behind us, it should be noted we were in a public park late at night so we were paranoid to some extent, especially me given it was my first time. As we got up to move I was particularly heavy, and my vision was failing me in the dark as i tried to identify the source of the noise i couldn’t focus on the point where i thought the “thing” was but rather the whole scene was striking to me, not exactly beautiful or amazing but more . . . funny.

T0:20 We ran for quite always from said unknown object that in retrospect could have been as inconsequential as the rustle of leaves from the wind, but running i experienced a euphoria i had not known before, the ground rushed past me as traveled over it, my legs went into a sort of “automatic” state presenting me with the illusion that i was floating over the ground.
T0:30 After running for what seemed to be maybe and hour and, with immense difficulty, climbed over a fence to escape the unknown bandit that we thought must be chasing us, we sat down. Here i reached my peak a quick glance at my watch revealed that only 10 minutes had passed since we began to run. I laid down and peered at the stars, the feeling of the grass was nice, needless to say in the midst of the euphoria i was experiencing my communication with D and L had become minimal. The stars were amazing and stared at them for hours, wait . . . reality check only an hour had passed in this hour my fingers entered my field of view and their movement was fascinating i slowly moved my fingers and marvelled at the simplicity of the movement but was simultaneously astounded at the utility such movements provided.

T1:30 My high was beginning to wear off and I began to feel light, well normal again. I began to analyze my high Pros, Cons etc. and i will share my thoughts: Pros: Euphoric feelings, a sense of hilarity to everything!, Marijuana can serve as a sort of social lubricant before I peaked conversation was easier,smoother and overall more enjoyable. Cons: The heavy feeling became quite a nuisance, I was constantly engaged in this battle between mentally knowing i had to move and physically doing everything to not engage in movement, Paranoia was also quite scary, as it is by definition, but it was irrational, and this perturbed me, that my mindset would be altered enough to feel emotions that were irrational and may lead me to make irrational actions. Neutral: The blurred vision and the lack of ability to focus may generally be interpreted as negative but in that state of mind there is a place where you appreciate it and you begin to realized that modern day society has us ALWAYS focused, it is a good escape.

T2:00 I had to walk home in that dark so i trudged on for what seemed to be a million miles to be bus stop, i got on the bus and sat in a window seat, the lights as we drove by almost seemed like lines of light this was faint and might have been somewhat of a placebo, but i can with certainty say i was very pensive and pondered a lot about life and society and i’m sure externally i was “spacey”

T3:00 I arrive home and am still feeling it but very lightly, my room mates meet me at the door unbeknownst of my adventures, they were all experienced smokers though and despite my best efforts to mask my intoxication i was found out instantly. This resulted in a quick laugh before i headed to my room and picked up what I think the best portable vaporizer is, the Pax, to have another go at it.

T3:20 I just sat in my room listening to mellow music as the last of this magic plants effects wore off, this was more pleasurable than usual but nothing compared to the euphoria i had experienced at my peak.

T4:00 The high had worn off completely by now and i was left just with the memory of my high, oh wait . . . i was having trouble remembering things, the details of my high were clouded but still present. This seemed to be the biggest negative of Marijuana, a short term case of short term memory loss.

A full 24 hours after my encounter details began to come back, and the absolute ridiculousness of some of the things i did hit me, a memory and a good laugh was what i had to remember it. Despite the fact that i enjoyed myself i was disappointed as i do not see after having smoked hundreds of times nor did I see after that experience, a place where Marijuana Cannabis can be used for spiritual enlightenment, I rather see it as a way to have a good time, purely recreational. Continue Reading