Drug Problem? What Drug Problem?

I was driving through Cincinnati when someone on the radio asked if there was a drug problem in Cincinnati. I looked around and notice we don’t have a drug problem…YOU CAN GET ALL THE ILLEGAL DRUGS YOU WANT IF YOU JUST HAVE THE MONEY.

Why is the U.S. Government having a war on drugs?

Why are they arresting and imprisoning people who want to use drugs? In my opinion, if that’s what you want to do to your body, go ahead! The government should not control what someone puts into his or her body. The government should only intervene with your life when you begin harming others. If you choose to use drugs, it’s your choice, not the government’s. It’s your body to do with as you please!

If you want to jump off the tallest building in the city, all I need from you is the time and the place so I can get out of your way. Oh yeah, you should pay for the clean up before you jump.What would make more sense to me is for the government to legalize drugs and regulate them like tobacco and alcohol. Tax drugs and use the tax money for treatment and education. Right now, the government is trying to lock up all drug users and using tax money to protect people from themselves.

How does prison help a drug user? It doesn’t, it’s just as easy to get drugs in prison as it is anywhere else. There is nothing the government should do to protect “me” from “me.”Don’t get me wrong, I think a person who uses drugs, tobacco and over-use alcohol is a fool! However, don’t forget that in America, you have the right to be foolish!

The main argument against me would be “if you legalize drugs, Don, everyone will start to use them.” NOT TRUE! Anyone who wants to use drugs can get them. For under-age kids, it’s easier to get drugs than tobacco or alcohol. You can buy the stuff on the street corner or from someone at school. Why would more people buy if it were legal? Would you start using drugs if they all of a sudden became legal? I certainly wouldn’t. Changing the law will not change me into a drug user.What about the “drug war?” This drug war is filling our prisons and costing billions of dollars. This drug war has not and will not do anything to help users stop. When we haven’t achieved anywhere close to the desired result, why continue the drug war?

The reason the U.S. Government continues the drug war is because of money. That’s right, cash. The President’s Office of National Drug Control Policy has lots of money. They give this money to just about every law enforcement agency in the world. Most U.S. Government agencies get a piece of this drug war money. The FBI, DEA, CIA, benefit from this capital. All the local (state, county, city) law enforcement agencies are all beneficiaries as well. Now tell me, why would they give up this money?All the agencies involved in the drug war know that it cannot be won. They know there is no way to stop an individual from using drugs. There is no effective way to stop the flow of drugs into this country.

We all know the basic law of economics, if there is a demand (with money behind it), someone will meet the supply.

I also think that the drug war has done much more damage than good. Look around you, how are the most rebellious groups in the world paying for their arms? How are they funding their organizations? With money they get from selling drugs. Some of these groups have become so powerful by selling drugs in Columbia that they are challenging small legitimate governments in that country. If this pointless drug war continues, we might wake up one morning and find ourselves in a real war with a country that became rich by shipping drugs into the United States.The U.S. Government is now saying that if you use drugs, you are helping to fund terrorism.

Even if this is true, I doubt that it will stop anyone from using drugs. I say the United States Governments drug policies are helping to fund terrorists by creating a market in which drugs are hundreds of times more expensive then they would be if they were legal.

By making drugs legal, selling them, regulating them and taxing them, the government could take that money and use it for education and treatment for those stupid enough to buy and use the garbage. The United States should let drugs be sold, therefore taking away the money that is made illegally in countries outside our borders. The money should not be given to criminals and rebel groups to help them bring down legitimate governments.

The drug problem should be treated as a medical problem, not a criminal problem. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER PROHIBITION?

Charles J