Space Cake – The Timeline

After months of heavy marijuana use via combustion (smoking) i decided i was ready to step it up and try my hand at baking some edibles. I was staying at a friends house, lets call her J, at the time and we decided to bake a cake. It was 2 pm. Our cake would be made from simple betty crocker chocolate cake with canned frosting, and 28 gr (1 oz) of ground up marijuana cannabis bud simmered in vegetable oil.  Our cake was a success and came out extremely potent, the chaos that ensued is documented in the following trip report.

T0:00 J and I take out the cake and being mildly high already we put on the frosting and it melts all over, needless to say we wait for the cake to cool hoping to spare our mouths the same fate the frosting had. After a good 20 minutes we cut the 16 inch cake into 8 pieces and ingest one each. I feel nothing.

T0:30 still waiting for it to kick in, but J has begun to feel it, we have in the mean time come up with a plan to go for a walk in the redwoods. Being impatient and not understanding the full ramifications of eating another slice ingest another piece.

T0:45 I begin to feel it and J and I head out to the forest. The high that i begin to feel is much more abrupt and intense than that of marijuana that is smoked. In general the same effects at this point but the onset was so sudden i begin to be slightly disoriented, J feels the same way.

T1:00 We have taken a seat in our forest of choice, the world is different, everything is hilarious. Surprisingly I find myself the funniest thing, my voice, my movements, everything. We crack up about the stupidest of things, our energy feeding of each others.

T1:30 I am peaking at this point and my motor skills are suffering, i repeatedly laugh so hard i lose balance from my perch and fall of the log I am sitting one, edibles are tools of great power.

T2:00 My memory is foggy and all I feel are the effects of smoked marijuana except amplified greatly, J feels the same way and sharing that thought with each other somehow leads us to be rolling on the floor laughing.

T3:00 An hour of fun ensues and but sadly the fun must stop I begin to walk to my apartment and upon leaving a comfortable setting the paranoia sets in, and heavy. I also note that this is when a smoked high would end, but i still am euphoric unable to focus or keep a straight face. In the midst of delirium i become under the impression i’m being followed and that cars stop in front of me and wait for me to pass them, just to see who i am.

T3:30 i am familiar with this area i am walking through, and the walk from J’s house to my apartment would, under typical circumstances, take 1 hour. But after 30 minutes of agonizing paranoia and disoriented meandering I find myself utterly lost. I call a friend and have them google map me home, afraid to ask a stranger for directions, because ANY one of them could be an undercover cop, one of the cars that had been following me. The paranoia ruined my high for the next hour and i was miserable.
T4:30  I finally make it home, i walk in the door and walk into a chair, in plain view. My roommates bust up laughing and i scurry to my room lest they be suspicious maybe THEY are undercover cops. I lock the door and upon laying in my bed I feel better maybe it was the familiar smell and feel of my room and bed, whatever it was i was able to enjoy myself again.

T5:00 I am now totally calm, not a care in the world playing with my imagination, i enter a liminal state with my eyes closed and ambient dubstep playing, I see colorful landscapes and remember movies i hadn’t thought of for years ( Disney’s Atlantis) as i lay there i realize i’m stuck even the smallest movement seems impossible but i find comfort in this and just lay still and continue to play with my mind.

T6:00 My high is wearing off now but it was amazing and i cant wait to edibles again and I arrange another date to bake only 6 hours after my first experience.

The edibles were far superior to smoked marijuana, their superiority is hard to explain but i am under the impression that it lies in the ability to be comfortable with being so still and being so enveloped by your thought. It must noted though that all the Cons of smoked marijuana still apply and are amplified just as much as the Pros which can be uncomfortable and even ruin your high if you’re not in a comfortable setting.

Charles J